Jan 042014

Last year was a great year for Miss Plan It All.  Lot’s of exciting projects, new clients and return clients! We look forward to helping many more this year.  We are going to be expanding our services, making a few changes and adding some new features to our site.  Stay tuned….

Jul 252013

I have been thinking of different ways to organzined lately.  I am starting with my kids toys which seem to be taking over my house!   These days it’s hard to keep up with what my two toddlers are into.  My two boys, ages two and a half and four into all things Super Heros!  And if it’s one thing I have learned about Super Hero’s is that they come with a lot of different parts and pieces.  I get it, they need all of that to keep the world safe and to save the day, however, my living room is starting to look like  a Super Hero grave yard. 

All of the toys that come into our home get a place to “live in” that means, they must go back to their place after we are done playing with them.  It’s time to assign the Super Hero’s their place.   I came accross this Warner Brothers DC Super Friends Mini Heroes Deluxe Toy Box and I think it’s a great find for parents and kids alike, who want to keep all things Super Heros stored in one place! 

This will make it super easy to put all of the toys in their place!  I look forward to using it and hope it helps other parents stay organized!